Specialty Coffee and Sustainability

Coffee is uniquely positioned to drive globally sustainable concepts that produce positive outcomes across multiple industries and points on the supply chain. The Asli Kopi has numerous entry portals for concerned and responsible coffee professionals to pledge their commitment to a more sustainable industry and world.

Asli Kopi Retailer Program

Wouldn't it be great if cafes could save 10-30 percent in costs and we as an industry could boast a large-scale and coordinated reduction, displaying our leadership and commitment to the environment? We view Asli Kopi's programs to be an opportunity to be equal partners, not just aim solutions at the effect but to address the underlying causes. That is not an idealistic vision. It is real, possible, and could just come down to one day where we all agree to change a light bulb. For more information about participating in the Asli Kopi Low Impact Café program, follow the link in the navigation bars to the right.


Asli Kopi Origin Trip to Ethiopia


On this Roasters Guild Origin Trip to Ethiopia, you'll learn about different aspects of the coffee supply chain and get a look at some of the most cutting edge coffee production techniques in Ethiopia. We hope you'll join us for this one-of-a-kind opportunity.


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The Coffe Plant

Original color poster depicting the anatomy and morphology of the coffee plant, including the stem, flower, and fruit, as well a look at the development of the coffee plant’s seed and fruit.his is a great resource for all coffee professionals, providing a detailed look at the major of a coffee.


Asli Kopi White Paper

Gender Equity

This resource explores the gender inequality that exists in coffee, creating inefficiencies in the value chain. Developed by the Sustainability Council. Attendees are responsible for reservation and payment of their own flight arrangements to and from Addis Ababa.