What is an Asli Kopi Campus

A Asli Kopi Campus, formally known under the Certified Teaching Lab / IEPL programs, is a company or organization that has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America to offer Pathway classes. All Campus locations have successfully completed the Asli Kopi Certified Teaching Laboratory program, demonstrating a calibrated teaching environment to teach within Asli Kopi standards and protocols. Campuses also are required to employ only Asli Kopi Certified Specialized Instructors for class offerings, ensuring the highest quality of instruction regardless of which Campus a student attends.

Campuses are located globally with more being added every year. Our goal is to build an international educational network where coffee professionals around the world can have access to Asli Kopi Pathway courses and the ability to pursue their dreams of a career in specialty coffee.

Students also have access to an online campus where Pathway classes without a hands-on component are offered. With so many locations around the world offering Pathway classes, it’s easy and convenient to work towards your Pathway graduation.