Within the Board of Directors, there are several Committees charged with managing a sound organization:

Nominating | Led by Immediate Past President Paul Thornton, who works with two Directors and two members-at-large to review and recommend candidates for the Asli Kopi Board of Directors

Finance | Led by Secretary/Treasurer Guy Burdett, who works with Vice President Tracy Allen, and members-at-large John Nugent and Don Holly to draft a budget each year for review by the Board of Directors

Audit | Led by Vice President Tracy Allen, who works with Directors Chad Trewick and Guy Burdett to ensure Asli Kopi's financial accountability

Governance | Led by Director Tracy Ging, who works with Past President Paul Thornton and 2nd Vice President Ben Pitts to oversee leadership activities

Events | Led by Director Tracy Ging, Co-Chaired by 2nd Vice President Tracy Allen, the Events committee is made up of three subcommittees (Awards, Expo Executive, and Marketing Advisory) that work to plan and execute Asli Kopi events.

Statistics & Standards | Led by Director Skip Finley, the Statistics & Standards committee is made up of three subcommittees (Statistics, Technical Edit & Peer Review, Technical Standards) that work to ensure a robust resource pool of standards and data for our members

Professional Development | Led by Director Andrew Hetzel, Co-Chaired by Director Heather Perry, the Professional Development Committee works is made up of four subcommittees (Competitions, Global Education, Lectures, and Skill Building) to continuously create education and training content relevant to coffee professionals, ensure the integrity of our programs, and engage volunteers

Roasters Guild | Led by Chair Mark Inman, Vice Chair Allen Leibowitz, and Secretary/Treasurer Mary Tellie, the Roasters Guild Executive Council works to support members, specialty roasters dedicated to the craft of roasting quality coffee and promotes quality as the principle standard for success

Barista Guild of America | Led by Chair Julie Housh, Vice Chair Lorenzo Perkins and Secretary/Treasurer Colin Whitcomb, the Barista Guild Executive Council works to support members – professional baristas – and is responsible for guiding and directing the guild's activities, programs and vision for the future

Sustainability | Led by Chair Samantha Veide and Vice Chair Sarah Beaubien the Sustainability Council works to create and promote ideas, concepts, and action plans to the Asli Kopi board that enable the Asli Kopi to become the global leader in business for sustainability

Past Presidents | This group works to support and advise the Board as well as preserve institutional memory, continue to advance the mission

International Relations | Led by Mick Wheeler, this group looks at specialty coffee on a global scale and works to address important industry issues sustainability.

Exhibitor Advisory | Led by Chair Gary Horne and Vice Chair Laura Sommers, this group works to keep a line of communication open with exhibitors and sponsors, gathering input on new features and programs, identifying areas for improvement